What does the Green political party stand for

For what it’s worth, the Green party’s political agenda is considerably clearer than those of most other parties. Even the name itself is fairly straightforward: the members are in favor of a green Earth, green living and a grassroots democratic system.

But is there more to the Green party than just being ecologically aware?

The Green party’s allegiance

Those familiar with individual values of each party will immediately draw comparisons between the Green party and the Democrats. It’s true: in the absence of their own party, most Green members would probably join the Democrats in some capacity.

Yet the Green party differs significantly from the Democratic majority in several ways. For starters, few Democrats are as environmentally-oriented as your average Green party member – in fact, the party owes much of its reputation to the struggles of its members to spread awareness of environmental hazards.

Many don’t realize, however, that there’s a lot more to the Green party’s ideology than simply caring for the environment. For example, some would say that members of the Green party oppose big corporations since the party refuses corporate donors – at any rate, most ‘Greens’ agree that a decentralized system of power is more beneficial than any other.

In line with this, the Green party also advocates living off of one’s land and self-sustance (as much as it’s practical in this day and age). Greens of present day also tend to stride farther from the bare-essence beliefs of the party and choose to devote much of their time to social issues, as seen by the party’s outspokenness in favor of feminism – believe it or not, feminism is actually a Green party core value!

For their limited resources and amount of time on the scene, the Green party has made a considerable impact on U.S. politics as well as public thinking. And while not many people could call themselves environmentalists when the party was just starting out, ecological awareness is now becoming a widespread phenomenon which will undoubtedly give the Green party even more exposure and good will from the public. But are they really a group everyone can get behind?

The Green party’s distance from the center

Lots of people who engage in political thinking prefer to adopt a mild system of beliefs, usually referred to as center-left or center-right depending on their preferences.

With the Green party, however, there isn’t nearly as much room for indecisiveness – while Greens can’t exactly be called radicals, their conviction tends to be strong. This makes many wary of the Green party’s influence – no matter what we say, few of us really want change and promoting a party with a clear and aggressive agenda can be seen as threatening to the status quo.

Does this mean members of the Green party are viewed as extreme (or even radical) in their opinions? Not necessarily – it all depends on the individual’s methods of spreading the party’s beliefs. Besides, most people find it difficult to imagine environmentalists doing damage to our society and system which gives the Green party quite a bit of leeway when making its voice heard.